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A call for local people to become Community Champions

Honiton Health Matters are embarking on a new and exciting partnership between the five towns in the East Devon Locality, Honiton, Sidmouth, Ottery, Seaton and Axminster and the ‘Imagine if’ Partnership. The aim of this partnership is to have local based ‘Community Champions’ , people who have an interest in serving the community, to increase access to community well-being support to raise more people’s awareness of, and enhance their potential to develop both health and mental health well-being, respond to others and social opportunities. The partnership creates a collaborative advantage by bringing new opportunities for community development, social well-being and social cohesion.

The aim is to develop community-based networks to be better equipped and more confident to use and enhance their existing mental health and wellbeing skills and services. Multi-agency health teams, Health and Social Care Forums and communities in the 5 towns have identified the need to offer prevention and early intervention strategies to support mental health issues. Creating more access points to wellbeing support through existing groups to reach more people in the community. Focus on all community members and age groups.

ibelong is a local approach to develop social support. It is designed from research on coping and experience of community development. This has demonstrated the need for more informal but informed support mechanisms built into our everyday lives. Identifying and supporting people who will benefit from preventive or early intervention strategies.  This community pathway will complement models such as the Hope Programme and Ways2 Wellbeing providing key stepping-stones.

The project will offer meaningful training, coaching and educations to 50 connectors across five towns.

I belong Honiton  will help to increase wellbeing by creating more local, immediate and easy to access support through community connectors.

 I belong  offers training and coaching skills development

I belong  works with local people across the community developing skills to offer on-the-spot support and signposting

I belong  develops responding skills to listen, communicate, problem solve and build community resilience

I belong  brings out the strengths in people to support health and wellbeing

If you would like to find out more about being  an I belong  community connector and could spend 18 hours at training events during February, then come along to, or sign up at our annual review on 21st January from 9.30am – 1pm at the Beehive, Honiton.

Please reply to Steve Craddock  07835 939246 or email honitonhealthmatters@gmail.com if you would like to be involved.


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