Group of childrenHoniton Health Matters is a CIO (charity number 1188528,  led by a group of local people for the public benefit of Honiton and the surrounding local villages, to provide community forums and local networks to promote neighbourhood discussions of health and wellbeing, and to create opportunities for the development of neighbourhood initiatives and support for people volunteering in the work of health and wellbeing.

Through regular community forums to provide opportunities for local groups to gather and discuss local issues of health and wellbeing and their own role in providing ideas and solutions.

To develop the capacity and skills of the members of voluntary groups in Honiton and its surrounding villages so that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs to participate more fully in the community.

To promote the voluntary sector by providing opportunities to gather and discuss local issues allied to health and wellbeing with statutory service providers by organizing community conversations.

To help relieve sickness in our community by promoting health and wellbeing and fitness for all.

To train members of the voluntary groups in becoming mental health champions for both their groups and the wider population of Honiton and its surrounding villages by providing opportunities for workshops.

Our Trustees are:

  • Stephen Craddock – Chairman.   
  • Sheila Edwards – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Chris Doran 
  • June Brown
  • Susan Doran