Trip Befriending

Category: Aging Well, Carers Support Groups, Loneliness

The People we help are socially isolated due to their circumstances. They may have spent some time in hospital or lost a loved one and are finding life hard to cope with on their own. Our clients or their relatives contact us themselves, or they are referred via local profesionals, such as GP's and social care and health support workers.

Loneliness and isolation are medical as well as social problems. Many people living alone may suffer some depression and reduced confidence. They may also be coping with additional physical problems.

Once our trained volunteers are introduced to a befriendee, the volunteer will then visit and telephone regularly. A key aim of our service is to help to reintegrate our clients into the local community, by introducing them to community activities and like-minded people. We are here to help make life more interesting, meaningful and enjoyable for isolated people.