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Positive EnerJe  Health & Fitness

I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for 22 years – it is all I have ever known. Studying and qualifying at College and University in the field of Sports Science I loved learning about the amazing body we all have, how we use it, what it can do for us – how it makes us feel – how we treat it and what returns it brings us – if we work hard and fuel it right!!

In which ever way I can help, either through classes, personal training or sports massage you will be in the safest of hands, with a committed and dedicated professional who has your best interests at the heart of everything. My knowledge and experience is kept up to date by attending regular workshops and seminars to ensure the highest level on the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Whatever your goal maybe, I can help you achieve it in a way that will be fun, rewarding, motivating with positive, long term results.

My Metafit classes are all inclusive we have Partners, Friends, Mums and Sons, Dad's and Daughters, Work colleagues all training together and  we are one big welcoming group. come and give it a try. I am here to help you make the change to your health, fitness, confidence and show you what you can achieve.  

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