Food and Forage Garden Project

Category: Adult & Young Persons Mental Health, Adult and Children’s Activities, Social Groups and Clubs, Loneliness

Stoney Orchard is the home of Food and Forage Garden Project.

The harmonious balances of plants, the soil, the wildlife and us is a key belief at the project. It aims to provide a stimulating, creative and calming natural environment for people to come, learn and engage with the natural world. As humans we have a relationship with all aspects of nature and growing. Caring and nurturing the development of plants is extremely beneficial for us. It encourages healing, for both us and the plant, primarily because we take responsibility for them and ourselves in doing so. When creating the forest garden we are creating areas close to wildness, therefore when gathering we feel like we are foraging and as a result engaging as well as having the security of a garden environment. Through this engagement we are becoming more aware of our place in nature, so we can appreciate and give gratitude for our bounty. This enables us to participate with an emotion of love and kindness which we can take into our everyday lives and helps us conquer other difficult emotions.

One mile East of Hare and Hounds Honiton (A375), on the Seaton road.

Stoney Orchard, Seaton Road, Farway Hill, Sidbury EX10 0QG