East Devon Sing and Sign

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Sing and Sign’s programme teaches parents how to use sign language with their baby.  Using Sing and Sign encourages speech and can enhance early vocabulary and build self esteem.  

Babes pre 6 months - we introduce you to various games, songs and rhymes that you can share at home with your baby.  Our content encourages the use of gesture, turn taking, repetition and much more.  This framework starts your journey together, building conversation.

Stage 1, 6+ months - we help you and your baby communicate before they can speak, relieving frustrations for both baby and parent.   The parents learn the baby signs through music and songs whilst their children enjoy the props, puppets and musical instruments. 

Stage 2, 6-30 months -  all about speech development and increasing the child’s vocabulary through the use of phonics, simple counting, colours and much more.  The class is great fun with more props and songs and games.  You don’t need previous signing experience in order to join the stage 2 programme