Creative Beings CIC

Category: Adult & Young Persons Mental Health, Adult and Children’s Activities, Social Groups and Clubs, Loneliness

What difference is Creative Beings enabling in the world?

​Creativity is a natural state for humans however we can find ourselves burying and losing this innate capability over the years and in the busyness of life.

​At Creative Beings events, people often say that they get as much, if not more, out of the process as they do from taking away a 'final' output.  In a hectic world full of pressures, expectations and 'to do' lists, it's great to be able to find the time and space to appreciate the acts of crafting, making and talking together.  

We believe that we can learn so much from the natural world, from its peace, its flow, its energy, its adaptation and its endurance.  That's why we set most of our courses and events in beautiful surroundings.  Or at least we try and get out for a walk.

​We also believe in supporting and nurturing community, whether that is with the people who live near us or those from further away who feel connected to what we are about.

​Above all, we believe that creativity and creative processes provide resources for resilience and antidotes to modern living for all human beings.  And we are all creative beings.

So, whether it is painting or planting, walking or writing, come and treat your inner creator to a bit of nurturing space. 

The Old Rectory Studio, Awliscombe, Devon, EX14 3PJ